Saturday, April 16, 2011

a random thought.

ive been keeping this idea for so so so long. its a random thought that came to me when i was just sitting at this one busy place i forgot where, and staring at people passing by. i think because im a thinker, i start to think of so many things just by looking at strangers...

so there came the idea...

if only i could just stop everyone, each person at a time, and ask about his/her life. what he's been through and everything he had, the ups and downs, the failure and the success, the tears and the laughter, the loss and the gain, and relate one person's story to another, since there must be some kinda connection. i know its not as easy as it sounds, but if only i could make a documentary or say, a short film out of it? wouldnt it be nice?

that is nothing but to show that apparently everyone has been taking the same path all this while. and if you think that youre unlucky and just cant stop complaining about your life, try to think about others'. someone else out there might have experienced much much worse moment in his/her life.

but then is just one random thought.

Monday, March 28, 2011

heeee :)

love is indeed very subjective. the definition of love to me is.....

1. when i laugh so hard about something until my face looks weird and then he suddenly said i look pretty.

2. when i want to google about something regarding my assignment but instead i subconsciously type his name.

3. when i cry about something silly and he just look at me and smile, and say "you're cute".

4. when i ask for something sweet and romantic and he says "Im not a romantic person and I dont know how to act sweet, but i will try".

5. when he listens to all my problems and tries to come up with so many suggestions even though we both know none of them is going to work.

6. when he still calls me and say i love you after i pissed him off.

7. when im willing to be the only girl in the mens' section and being stared by all the dudes, just to buy him a surprise gift.

8. when he's seriously mad at me when im about to give up on something.

9. when he tries to memorize the lyrics of my fave song.

10. when i wish he's awake when i cant sleep.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mee Bandung Muar

so semalam saya pegi kedai makan di Shah Alam, bersama cousin tercinta Lubna dan Ahmad. di dalam perjalanan, mereka saling bergaduh tentang kat mane nak makan. yang ahmad nak makan mee bandung, mee bandung dan mee bandung. lubna pulak taknak, taknak, dan taknak. sebagai seorang yg matang, saya hanya cakap 'kak syera tak kisah'. ceh, haha.

so finally..kitorang ikut lah cakap ahmad pegi kedai makan 'Selera Kampung'. kesian pulak dia dah beriya-iya kata dah lama rasa nak makan mee bandung.

duduk-duduk je kat kedai tu, sorang waiter pun datang. dia nampak normal tp mcm ada sedikit innocent lah. mcm, kesian la (tak baik ek). and so ahmad terus order 'mee bandung satu'.lubna order tauhu bakar. dan saya order sate dan ABC. walaupun sebenarnya tak suka sangat sate, tp...ntah. so bila order ABC tu, saya tanya lah waiter tu..

"Bang, ABC ni ada aiskrim tak?"

"Ermmm takde dik. tp ada letak jagung la"


"ye..jagung dalam tin tu"

Saya, ahmad dan lubna dah terdiam. of course la sebab tahan gelak. waiter tu jalan je, kitorang dah tergelak-gelak. sbb 'ada jagung dlm tin' adalah sememangnya jawapan yg sangat lah kelakar. memang la abc ada jagung dlm tin kan? tp mcm perlu ke bila saya tanya ABC ada aiskrim ke tak, dia kata takde, tp jagung ada. haha. kelakar sungguh bukan? hee.

lepas tu makanan kitorang sampai la satu per satu. then ahmad punya mee bandung tu sgt bukan mee bandung (im a muarean so i know). haha. mcm maggi ada lah.. mee dah sama, tapi kuah dia lain gilos. ahmad ckp maybe dia dah silap order, mee bandung muar lain, mee bandung sahaja lain. and dia pun memang sebut mee bandung je masa waiter tu mintak order tadi. so untuk menghilangkan kemusykilan (cewah), ahmad pun tanya lah kat waiter yg sama..

"Bang, ni mee bandung dengan mee bandung muar lain eh?"

"Ye, lain. Tu ada udang kering"

lagi sekali, abang waiter beri kan jawapan yg kelakar dan agak membuatkan lidah kami terkelu. haha.

so itu sahaja lah cerita pada hari ini. Assalamualaikum :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

same old, same old.

like finally. god knows for how long have i ditched you, my dear blog. haha. its been soooo long i cant even remember whats the email and password! well after a short recalling session and with my very limited knowledge about this virtual thingy, i managed to log in and tadaa! here i am! :D well actually im not supposed to write or to even think about blogging coz i have a WAY bigger and more important thing to do which is my FYP! THESIS! and guess what, its due next week, which is just 2 days away from now. so...till next time. toodles! ;)

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Fyi, all my lectures and tutor classes are being conducted in English but there are certain courses that are conducted in Malay. and to switch from English to Malay is not actually a big deal for me as Malay is my mother tongue and that makes it very easy to me to read all the notes which are in Malay. but i guess i actually can no longer say that. i dunno why, but nowadays Malay language has adopted tooooo maaany words from English. it's like Malay and English are more or less the same. doing the revision has driven me crazy, coz there are too many words have been simply translated from English to Malay. for example, discussion to diskusi, solidarity to solidariti, feature to fitur, transformation to transformasi, etc. i dunno why but these words make me feel annoyed. as if we're losing our image as i've been taught that 'Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa', or if were to be translated, it means language is the soul of the race. but where is the soul of our race if the language itself is like taken from the other languages? and why do people like politicians, leaders, etc use those words? does that make them feel more respectful? for God's sake, there are actually words that could be the translation from those English words like transformation, it means perubahan in Malay. while feature means ciri-ciri. but why must they simply change the last syllable in those words and claim them to be our Malay words? i don't understand.

p/s : i cant believe i just wrote about a serious topic like this. like, this is so not me! haha. reading too many notes have turned me to be a different person now, omg.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


for have been living for almost 21 years, i think im old enough to say that EVERYONE in this world is neither good nor a bad man. no one can deny that even though the one you respect the most,the one you look up to, the one you idolize, or the one you thought was perfect, somehow has flaws in him/herself. and if you're a muslim, you might've heard about our first prophet, Prophet Adam who has taken a wrong step when he was put in Heaven. that just proved that no one is perfect. people make mistakes. perfection is just too impossible to be true. i personally have lived with so many types of human beings, the im-such-an-innocent-person-but-why-do-people-do-this-to-me type, the i-dont care-what-u-think-as-long-as-im-happy type, the i-have-done-nothing-wrong-but-why-do-people-hate-me type, the i'll-be-good-to-you-only-when-i-feel-i-need-you type, the im-such-a-good-fren-but-why-do they-treat-me-this-way type, etc. to list all of them would take days. could be months. and at the end of the day, everyone has made mistakes at some point of their lives, big or small mistakes, there must be atleast one (which is impossible). As an imperfect God's creature, i think people should forgive each other no matter how awful they have treated you. but i have to agree though, to forgive is easy but to forget is actually the hardest part. i've been through it, trust me. and i stil cant seem to forget what that person has done to me. ppl can be so so selfish they thought they did the best thing. they ditched you, they backstabbed you, they made empty promises, they talk behind your back, but after all they are just as imperfect as you, dont you think? God has made all human beings equally weak. and its left to us to accept it or not. like my mum always says, the person who you thought was once a monster, could be an angel to you someday you wont know. he/she might also be the one who help you and lift you up when you are drowned. we dont know. so lets forgive each other. especially among friends. this is entirely dedicated to myself, as i find it so hard to just utter those words, 'i forgive you'.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

long time jack!

its been AWHILE since i last posted my last post (is this sentence correct?) haha. ok it sounds so wrong even IF it was correct. and yeah, that was it. i feel like ive left this blogging world for like, ages. literally. like all of sudden, the blogging-mode struck me and tadaaa! hehehe... (i absolutely have no idea why i act this way so do not ask me). well, my previous posts have been sort of in sorrow, emotional time. maybe it is because i always felt like writing when i was in the doldrums. it kinda calm me down as i can type it all out and like, get everything out of my chest. i know that no one might read it, but they are all written simply because writing's been like a therapy to me whenever i needed it. and at the same time, it could help me in my writing skills as this is the section which i am very poor in. i think this might be caused by the lack of writing, compared to when i was in secondary school, writing had been nothing to me and to make an essay, was just like snapping my finger (sound so cocky). but it has completely transformed when i entered university. my writing got worse, and looking at my other friends' writing was like a wake-up call to me as i realised that my way of using the language have left like, way behind. to make things clear, im actually taking a degree in Language and Linguistic, and im majoring in English and that is why this whole thing is like, huge and important to me. u might get shocked knowing it coz i dont sound like a major in English, do i? well i have to admit that i did improve since the day i first stepped into this university. but im still very worried of my very limited-range of vocabulary and my grammar. hoping that by blogging it will somehow contribute something to my performance in class :)