Saturday, April 16, 2011

a random thought.

ive been keeping this idea for so so so long. its a random thought that came to me when i was just sitting at this one busy place i forgot where, and staring at people passing by. i think because im a thinker, i start to think of so many things just by looking at strangers...

so there came the idea...

if only i could just stop everyone, each person at a time, and ask about his/her life. what he's been through and everything he had, the ups and downs, the failure and the success, the tears and the laughter, the loss and the gain, and relate one person's story to another, since there must be some kinda connection. i know its not as easy as it sounds, but if only i could make a documentary or say, a short film out of it? wouldnt it be nice?

that is nothing but to show that apparently everyone has been taking the same path all this while. and if you think that youre unlucky and just cant stop complaining about your life, try to think about others'. someone else out there might have experienced much much worse moment in his/her life.

but then is just one random thought.

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